You see them every day and most of them wouldn’t know a good deed if it bit their dicks off.

The Professional Bums are the people who expect you to pay them to enable them to make more money off you. Think about it.

The Professional Bums don’t give a damn about making someone else feel good nor do they give a damn about bringing out the best in someone other than themselves.

The Professional Bums are never poor. If they were, they wouldn’t be The Professional Bums and we’d all be living in a damn site better environment. Think about that, too.

They drive Masseratis and they buy and sell yachts more often than council house residents change their garden sheds in their entire lives.

They have Professionally Bummed their way through life at the expense of everyone else and give nothing in return except sardonic platitude.

This is an important web site. How come it is so infrequently visited? The Professional Bums are to blame for all of the world's human ill fortune except natural misfortune. The Professional Bums are themselves a natural misfortune and it is high time we learned how to defend ourselves against them.

The first step in dealing with them is to first recognise them. That can prove something of a problem as they are not always easily recognisable. They do not occupy any habitual or customary position. Some of them have even ingratiatingly weaseled their way into our lives to such an extent that we mistakenly regard them as friends.

The only safe way to spot them is to closely examine all with whom we come into contact on a constant basis. A momentary slip on our part and the Professional Bum is in.

If of course you agree with the principles of a Professional Bum then you are yourself one and you must ask yourself if God will have mercy on you.

It is up to all good people, men and women, to weed out the Professional Bums and excise them from this world. Until we do, we will forever be victims to their evil.


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