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Using the direct input editor
Direct input editor users who are familiar with html can add hyperlink code to their stories. You are advised to compose your material offline using a WYSIWYG editor of your choice, then copy and paste the html code into the on-line editor. Most html code is acceptable but you are strongly advised to restrict any use of code to hyperlinks. Frivolous use of layout code will be stripped from posted material to keep the layout uniform or the item itself may be deleted.

Please make sure that you select the correct item category before pressing the submit button on the leading paragraph page. Please be aware that you will be unable to edit your article once you press the submit button.


Using the sidebar navigation strips
Pages with extensive content may display a purple, blue or brown strip to the left edge as shown on this page. Clicking the strip will return you to the top of the document.


Display problems
Browser, graphics adapter and monitor incompatibities may cause some pages to overlap to the right of your screen. Some pages will unavoidably do this, but the majority should load with 100% width visible in your browser window.

If this is not so and you are unable to view pages without scrolling to the right, or if the pages look distorted in your browser, I would be interested to know.

If the upper section of your browser window below the toolbar does not look something like this

but instead looks something like this:

and you have a screen resolution set at greater than 800 x 600 then you are not seeing this site as it was designed to be viewed.

Please click the mail link to report your viewing difficulties.

Thank you.

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