OF BEING GENTLE...?


by Rambõlo Huckenstöle

Odd, when you think of it, that given their true position in life some women seem afraid to offer tenderness.

Still, this is a world where far too many think that all is for their taking while giving little or nothing.

Now then. Women are born with a certain sense of knowledge, just like men but different, and the strangest danged thing is despite the universal spectrum of that knowledge it remains open to corruption.

Some call it the work of the Devil. But when they do, given the somewhat unholy attributes they pour over poor Satan, why then do they cap him up? Is it to make him a bigger bogey than he is, but as he's supposed to be the opposite of God then he must be the worst anyway.

Someone once told me the story of the origin of God. I do not often tell the story, so in that you are fortunate to be seeing it here. It was, said my friend, all down to a dyslexic Indian guru who had difficulty in distinguishing between one and two letter O's when documenting his masters pronunciations of the meaning of life.

"And what do you believe," my friend said the guru asked of his master.

"I believe in Good," said the master, which was written down by the guru as "God", thus sparking the debate about just who or what God is.

Strange too that some women seem less than blissfully aware of the benefits of willing submission. I am reminded of a greengrocer who went out of business because he refused to submit to the fact that all vegetables eventually go bad.

What I really can't figure is how some women seem to consider they know it all when the bottom line truth is they only know at best the half of it.

I guess I'll work it out someday.