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June 24, 2003
Newsmedianews is an advocate for the equal distribution of wealth. Is it time that the world had an amnesty for all people serving prison sentences for political 'crimes' or for crimes only concerning money or property that resulted in no physical harm caused to any person?

Who is running your life and how?
The question may not be as ridiculous as you think. Sure, we all think we are well in control of our lives, most of the time. If you consider yourself one of such people, then ask yourself one question.

What is right and wrong?

See what I mean? The answer can fill pages, books, PCs. Yet should it be so complex? And why is it so complex?

History is riddled with suffering caused by man to man for the sin of having 'wronged' in the eyes of those who inflict such suffering.

So what is the baseline? What is right and what is wrong? If you do not have a clear, simple and precise definition of right and wrong, then chances are someone else is running your life. But how?

Wrong : adjective incorrect; erroneous; morally unacceptable, immoral, wicked, sinful; unacceptable according to some other recognized or imposed standard eg of taste or judgement; not that (thing or person) which is required, intended, advisable or suitable; amiss, unsatisfactory; defective, faulty; mistaken, misinformed; (of one side of a garment, fabric, etc) intended to be turned inward or under, not intended to be on view, under, inner, reverse; crooked, curved, twisted, bent (obsolete).
noun whatever is not right or just; any injury done to another; wrongdoing; damage, harm (rare).
adverb incorrectly; not in the right way, improperly, badly; away from the right direction, astray.
verb transitive to treat unjustly, do wrong to; to judge unfairly, impute fault to unjustly; to deprive of some right; to defraud; to dishonour; to seduce (old); to harm physically (obsolete and Scottish); to impair, spoil (obsolete).

A frightful collection of contradictory definitions. Yet surely the only actions that can be truly considered 'wrong' are those carried out with the knowledge that their effect will result in harm?

harm : noun injury, physical, mental or moral.
verb transitive to injure.

And what of actions carried out by someone who does not know that they will cause harm at the time they perform them? Can they still truly be considered 'wrong'?

If for a moment you accept that 'wrong' is an action carried out with the knowledge that its effect will result in harm, then social and other accepted or enforced values of right and wrong come under a sharper focus. It also becomes obvious that certain values only exist to perpetuate an existing situation.

If your definition of right and wrong is not a simple and easy one that you can comfortably grasp in your perception and easily live with, then you must next ask yourself just who is running your life, and not only how, but also why?

Many, many people have lost their lives down the years searching for simple freedom or simply by being free. You are alive to reflect on these words. They no longer are.

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by philanthropic illusion, which tries to make you feel that whatever it might be that you are made or required to do is really for the common good so you should not only do it but feel good about doing it too.

It might be part right. But a half does not make a whole. It would be OK if 100 per cent of the world's resources were controlled by 100 per cent of the world's people and not by less than five per cent who, whilst getting rich, throw out breadcrumbs on elasticised string to those less 'fortunate'.

So what about the amnesty?

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