Despite its potential for abuse, the news media remains a potent
force for progressive change.

Whether we like it or not, we survive by information. It is an
essential part of our every moment and links us all together.

The news industry has been moving more towards community input and
it is likely to continue developing that way, with a much greater
input of the community voice.

Newsmedianews is the product of many years of close study
of this environment packaged together in a form designed to
draw in and on the input of others, from major organisation to
the individual writing his or her first article.

All of us too have our individual ambitions. Sometimes they are
buried beneath an ocean of flotsam that we'd rather sail away from.

For many of us, our forward movement is compelled by and dictated
by our enviroment of the time, by our perceptions of our needs for survival.

Beyond that is another door.