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Brhd Hooligan' - nephew of the former Duchess of Marlborough, Athina Livanos
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About Börhd

Börhd Hooligan was christened Eeger Lout and likes to believe he comes from a stoic family of Dutch hod carriers. He lived for several years alone with his collection of live exotic snails and 17,000 Meerschaum pipes in central Uzbekistan until, unable to further cope with the embarrassment of his name he later changed it by deed poll when he was 21, leaving behind a life of senseless penance for a life of penniless sentence. Börhd has now become famous due to the continuing global debate on whether he is a pessimistic optimist or an optomistic pessimist.

A word from the editor.

Börhd is one of those rare individuals who knows he is not always nice and is not always good. He has an unsurpassable wealth of experience and knowledge and I don't think anyone could meet a more charming or truer individual nor one with a larger appetite in life for skulking in bed.

An individual without some sort of trouble or problem is rare and Börhd is no exception. His greatest difficulty is just that.

In his own words: "Its just that I tried everything. My doctor tried everything, its just that nothing seems to stop me from saying just that."

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