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Democracy - Pardon?
Wednesday, 24 April, 2013 9:39 PM
The electoral vote system that determines who governs most major so-called 'democratic' nations of our world today seems to be an utter sham.

It is a system whereby voters can choose to elect which particular dictatorship they want in power.

Sure, the theory of democratic elections is sound and is perhaps based on good principle - providing those who are elected then govern according to the overall consensus of the electorate and not to the buried blueprint of their own agendas, most of which begin to surface when the elections are well past and which are invariably tied in some way to corporate finance.

The electoral vote is NOT a system meant to invest authority carte blanche for those elected into office. It is a system whereby the electorate is putting into office those who have put forward agendas that the electorate agrees with.

The realities of its failures is seen in such cases as the present day actions by the US White House to overturn long-standing public rights enshrined in the US Constitution and transfer the authority of control over those rights away from Congress, the people's representatives and voice in government, to the White House.

Another classic example is the war waged against organised unions by the Thatcher government in the UK.

Both cases exemplify the use of control by force of the greater majority of the population by a tiny minority - those elected into office.

Where the actions of elected government go wholly against the wishes of the electorate, in a true democracy the electorate would have the means to reject and oust such unsatisfactory government.

Short of, for instance, impeachment in the USA, or unbridled revolt, no such avenue exists in any 'democratic' country to this day.

This is a corruption of any sense of democracy.

Sunday, 10 February, 2013 — updated Monday, 2 October, 2017 7:33 PM
Its just that I recently found myself caught up in overhearing a conversation on a train in which one of the two conversants was bewailing the state of the civilised world today. His companion had it all sussed.

"That's just the way of the world," he said with a grand finality that almost demanded the universe pause for a moment to allow the words to permeate.

He was right and wrong at the same time. It is the way of the world, but it is not the way of the world. It is the status quo as we have molded and shaped it down the centuries. It is the world as we have shaped it and allowed it to become.

The bewailer was non-plussed and fell silent. There is little you can say to such a conversation stopper as anything you say simply draws similar retorts: "But that's just the way of the world".

Nothing you can say unless of course you happen to have a laptop open at this page at the time. If your perspective roams no further than seeing things as being 'just the way of the world', then you are far more a part of the problem than you are a part of any solution.

Accepting the status quo without question is to endow it with the mantle of approval.

If we accept the restrictions upon our civil liberties imposed by those elected into authority who act without due heed to the electorate, then we are doing nothing more constructive to our collective future than extending the highway to future state dictatorship—something already far advanced in the United States with the rolling into law of undemocratic and subversive issues like the Patriot Act, and the unlimited powers granted to the US president by incumbent President Obama, who has seen fit to circumvent the role of Congress and subsequently the restraining checks on governmental powers granted to Congress through the US Constitution.

And as of March 2013 the UK looks poised to normalise the use of secret courts through legislation.

If you are sitting in the carriage of a train reading this on your laptop, then I hope it will empower you somewhat. If on the other hand you are sitting in a jetplane next to a window, look out and wave.


Monday, 2 October, 2017

Freedom is defined in the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as:

1 : the quality or state of being free: as a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another

Imagine: you are born free somewhere. The exact place and time doesn’t matter.

You go about your general business, staying alive, meaning no-one harm — but you would defend yourself if necessary.

This has been the way. It is what you have always known. It is your life. You might live away from others, occasionally interacting with other people for trade or other reasons, or you might live within a small community.

Then one day something happens that disturbs everything. Some strangers appear, bearing weapons. They tell you that you can no longer do something that you have always done. It might be the hunting of a type of animal for food; it might be going into particular woods or fields. Or it may be that without first paying something to the strangers for the ‘privilege’ you can no longer live in your own home on the land your ancestors have lived on for years. Or it might be that you cannot cultivate crops on the land without paying a fief.

They might tell you it is ‘their land’, or the animals are ‘their animals’ or the woods or fields ‘belong’ to them. Whatever, someone is now trying to subjugate you, telling you what you can and cannot do. There is no give and take from them, only take, and they are prepared to back up their unwelcome demands with force.

So what do you do? Do you simply give in to their arrogant demands; or do you look to find a way to prepare to stand and fight for your liberty and your own way of life?

Have you ever been about and looking – I mean really about and looking – only to repeatedly discover your own wish to find something meaningful in it all somewhere?

So, what then is this thing we call freedom in the world of man? Sure, we can walk out of our homes and into our surroundings – at least in some places in the world. Yet those very basic liberties are changing through authoritarian rulings even as you read this.

Despite the self idolatry we pay to our own crafted illusions of kindness and tolerance, we are not a kind species. We repress, oppress, persecute and find other ways to punish those who do not cosily fit within our self-perceptions of how we think they should be or how we would like them to be. We are driven by aggression, intolerance and hate towards our fellow kind. It doesn’t have to be like that, but it is.

Perhaps as a species we have always been un-evolved. We kill and hunt for pleasure and call it ‘sport’. And we hunt and kill our own kind in just the same way, though the settings have changed since the days of the Roman gladiators.

We make movies about war and killing and violence — for entertainment. We wage war against our own kind for no motive other than greed and call ourselves sane to boot.

The world is teeming with people whose basic ignorance of themselves and the world around them has been manipulated to such a degree that they consider their ignorance as intelligence, thus flattening their own learning curve potential.

The manipulation has been so successfully applied down the course of history that the majority of people, bemired by such ignorance, are prepared to stand up, defend and unknowingly fight for their own enslavement.

We are being dominated, manipulated, controlled, cajoled and coerced by the greedy. If you consider this is not the case on a worldwide basis, you are either one of the greedy or you belittle your own intelligence.

At this point these are just words on a page that might trigger recognition, resentment, anger or just indifference. To give them some impact, ask yourself and try to honestly answer the question: at whose pace do I live my life?

The UK, which once paid homage to its own [self perceived] ideas of civil liberties, has now become the most advanced surveillance state in the world. In some parts, you cannot leave your home without being monitored on camera; you cannot travel in your vehicle without your movements being recorded by surveillance systems. Soon, under new legislation proposed by the government, you will not be able to purchase a cell phone without first having to produce a valid passport. Then there is the UK police DNA database, again one of the most comprehensive in the world, not to mention uncovered government plans to track every vehicle’s movement by satellite as part of a proposed pay as you drive scheme, yet in reality little more than a way to squeeze yet more cash from people under a false pretext.

There is an ancient law in England; that of obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception — which would be applicable to many government imposed regulations of today, including ‘income tax’ and the so called Value Added Tax — where are the real revolutionaries?

Given the realities of all of this, it is really no puzzle at all that we have an ongoing ‘war on terror’.

One woman who was operating a street market stall close to Stockwell underground station in London, where police mistakenly shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes in a state-sanctioned public execution of a suspected terrorist (let’s not mince words here), said that she thought people should be prepared to “give up their liberty for freedom”. She repeated her comments several times whilst being interviewed on film by Alex Jones, the American radio presenter and investigative journalist, who was in London making a documentary on events associated with the London tube and bus bombings. Odd, given that liberty is freedom.

The desire for love is a fundamental human drive. Imagine then what power would be available to someone who successfully redirected that force in others, with their compliance, and then used it to suit their own purposes. The key to successfully directing such energy is to gain compliance—to make your target feel and believe that their compliance is good and ‘the right thing’ to do.

Perhaps in some parallel world folk can stroll along to the local pawn shop and get a replacement life when needed. In this world it doesn’t happen – we just get the one shot to glean from life what we may and try to enjoy it.

Yet when it comes down to free thinking by the individual about the self, such thought becomes uncertain, guilt-ridden and anything but free and independent. Self-opinion becomes subservient to an irrational insistence on giving greater importance to others’ values of right or wrong and good or bad. We elevate others’ views over our own and then do a mighty fine job of convincing ourselves that those views are in reality our own conception. We become the half-sighted, led by the blind.

The 21st Century Witch-hunt

Witch-hunting is alive and well in the 21 century and not just in Nigeria.

The self-perceived godly elect have been persecuting the lower orders for as long as they have seen some personal gain in it. In the USA we saw prohibition; the McCarthyism purges against communism. In Russia and Germany alike, we saw pogroms against the Jews and against gypsies.

In an article titled Persecution in Europe: From Witch-Hunts to Ethnic Cleansing, Professor M J Rodriguez-Salgado referred to “persecutions and mass exterminations that occurred in Europe, such as the expulsion of Muslims from Spain; the Terror in the French Revolution; the Nazi policies of extermination; the Stalinist pogroms in Russia and Eastern Europe; ethnic cleansing in the Balkans; recent panics over child sexual abuse, and the current ‘War on Terrorism”.

Ah yes, the war on terrorism—the 21st Century’s latest means of oppression.

The common thread between all of these persecuted people is that by far the majority of them did nothing ‘wrong’. They broke no laws, but new laws were drafted by the godly elect to create new ‘crimes’ in fitting with their perception of how things should be, as seen of course from the pedestals of their own views. People have been manipulated towards irrational feelings of guilt where they have in fact done no wrong.

Any social structure or system founded on material profit will always be plagued by greed and inequality for such a system cannot function without both. Profiteering will always be incompatible with equality. The greedy will always seek to dominate and to benefit from using others to boost their gains.

Since the events of 9/11, governments have established new laws and regulations in the name of ‘national security’ and ‘anti-terrorism’ but they have had greater repressive impact on individual personal liberties than they have had against the ‘threats’ they were introduced to supposedly counter.

Despite this, individual governments have increasingly been consolidating their view that they have somehow the inherent right to adopt and administer doctrinaire authority. It is becoming more common to see or hear references in the media to ‘the authorities’, as though people’s lives are intrinsically meant to be administered by a minority group of people self-endowed with unassailable all-pervading power over others. It is far beyond George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. It is also more sinister because of its covertness.

I’m not sure yet just where this will end, but when I know, you’ll read about it here.

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