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12 Feb 2011: posted by the editor - Egypt, Ireland

In a statement, the Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM) has welcomed the victory of the Egyptian revolution over the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak as a “world historic victory for people power over tyranny, corruption and imperial interference in the affairs of the Middle East.”

The IAWM said that “people’s revolution in Egypt was a “beacon of hope for the oppressed people of Palestine, all those suffering under dictatorship across the region and all those struggling against corruption and injustice in the world.”

Richard Boyd Barrett, Chairperson of the Irish Anti-War Movement and Dail election candidate said:  “It is impossible to overstate the importance of the Egyptian revolution. For Egyptians, it spells the end of thirty years of dictatorship in a brutal and corrupt police state that used fear and torture to deny freedom and a dignified existence to the mass of people. Finally, the people of Egypt have the chance of freedom and democracy and the opportunity to reclaim their society from a brutal and corrupt elite.

"But the impact of the Egyptian revolution and the toppling of Hosni Mubarak, goes far beyond Egypt. The victory of the People’s revolution in Egypt is a world historic victory for people power over tyranny, corruption and imperial interference in the affairs of the Middle East.

"The Mubarak dictatorship was a key link in the network of US and western backed dictatorships that crushed the people of the Middle East to facilitate western control of the region, the theft of its oil and resources, and support for Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people.

"The overthrow of Mubarak by a people’s revolution in the political and cultural heart of the Middle East, is a beacon of hope for the suffering people of Palestine, for all those suffering under dictatorship across the region, and ,indeed, for all those struggling against injustice and corruption across the world.

"The Egyptian revolution dramatically exposes the oft repeated claims that either US bombs or Israel were the force that could bring democracy to the Middle East. It shows on the contrary that the US, its western allies, and Israel, did everything to prop up and support dictators like Mubarak, who they have armed and financed for decades, to prevent real democracy and self determination taking hold in the region.

"Over the coming days and weeks, we will see how the Egyptian revolution will shake the foundations of oppressive regimes across the region and beyond. But it is also an inspiration to people in the western world and in this country, who are being crushed by economic and financial elites, that people power is a force that can challenge even the most powerful elites.

"The IAWM is also particularly proud of its participation in the Cairo Conferences over the last number of years, where the presence of western anti-war organisations helped create a space where a broad coalition of opposition forces to the Mubarak dictatorship were able to meet with some degree of freedom. These forces have played a central role in the revolution of the last days and we salute their astonishing bravery and resilience."

Palestinian IAWM committee member, Claudia Saba, said:  "Hosni Mubarak and the Egypt-Israel axis were central to the "war on terror", the strangulation of Gaza and the oppression of millions of Arabs by a tiny elite. In a matter of weeks, first the Tunisians, and now the Egyptians have created the conditions that will rock the regime of control of Middle East resources by Western powers and wealthy regional elites.

"This event will challenge the American Government's unconditional support for Israel which has come at the expense of the Palestinians for far too long.

"Israel has so far dealt with corrupt Arab leaders, and Arab populations who were used to being cowed by their oppressive governments. The Tunisians first, and now the Egyptians broke through the psychological barrier and defied the culture of fear in which they had lived. Therefore Israel will now have to deal with a stronger Egypt and a more daring Palestinian population. The Arabs, newly awakened, will be more self-assertive and their negotiators will be more stubborn and less prone to make concessions.

"This is a moment to treasure, not just for the Egyptian people, but for all who wish to see a more just and peaceful world. This is why the Irish Anti War Movement is calling a celebration rally at the Spire on Sunday 13 February at 4pm. Please wear red, white or black -- the colours of the Egyptian flag - and bring musical instruments or anything to make some noise with."

The IAWM and the Egyptian Community in Dublin have called a celebration rally on Sunday 13 February at 4pm at the Spire, O' Connell St, Dublin.

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