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Visitors familiar with Hadley (Shropshire) might also be interested to visit my Shropshire pages where there are photographs of old and new Hadley and Trench.
Who remembers going to the Majestic in Wellington in the 60s and watching folk such as The Who (minus Roger Daltrey who was too drunk and had been left to sleep it off in the hotel) . . .

Thanking all who commented on this page — your comments are building stones in a treasure house. Thank you. Keith.

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where am ya'all ?
Keith Harris - Limerick Ireland - Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 04:27:22 (IST) source IP -

A Shropshire lass born in Hadley in the 50s a small village, wouldn't recognise the place now.
Tricia Appleton
From: Tricia Appleton - GRETNA United Kingdom - Tuesday, August 08, 2017 at 14:51:25 (UTC) source IP -

Wonderful reading this site. I was brought up in Haybridge Avenue, dad worked at Sankey's and mom later became School Dinner Lady at the Infants in Crescent Road up till she retired, many will no doubt remember her. As many have already intimated on this site, the old Hadley holds many treasured memories for me, and despite now only living 7 miles away, when I return, I'm slightly concerned that the heart and soul has gone from the place.

It's surprising isn't it that whenever a couple of Hadleyites get together, inevitably, the conversation gets back to 'Old Hadley'

Many happy days at Hadley School, Miss Morris, Mr Hopkins, Mr Phillips, Mr Sid Owen, Satch Evans and Gaffer Brothwood - now, there's some names to conjur with. Also the Sunday School at the Chapel, where it seemed everyone in the village under 14 attended.

I could go on for ages, anyone who remembers me, drop me an email.
Ian Martin - United Kingdom - Monday, March 13, 2017 at 10:24:48 (GMT) source IP -

I love sites of this nature.. great work BTW. .lived at 24 summerhouse drive till I was 11 years old 1965 to 1976
Anthony loveitt - - Monday, November 21, 2016 at 17:20:18 (GMT) source IP -

Just spotted the aerial photo submitted by Gwyn Hartley. Strange to think that I would have been approx one year old in Jubilee Terrace when the plane flew over. The area is exactly as I remember it in my childhood. For anyone interested there is a site with plenty of photos like this - - and you can dowload the photos for free with certain provisos. Just search for Joseph Sankey and you will see loads of shots of the Trench/Hadley area from circa 1950 and before. Not just limited to Sankeys of course - Trench will get some interesting results. Be sure to click on the 'download' option before saving otherwise you will only get a small portion of the picture.

Regards to all, Ian
Ian Jones
From: Ian Jones - United Kingdom - Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 21:48:41 (GMT) source IP -

Still looking for information on the Green Dragon pub....the Green dragon was situated on high street Hadley. The pub opened in 1826 closed in 1962 demolished 1963. Now I have a James Lockley who was licensee which is my great uncle he possibly could of married a Bertha? Nancy? Not Sure tho also the Lockley family did live in Hadley I haven't had no messages from no one I've also searched the internet but no luck. I'm not Just looking for information about the pub I'm also intrested in my Grandads mom her surname was Pritchard and she married a William. My great Granddad also William had a brother Richard and John who was a cripple from birth also James who ran the pub and Mary-Ann also the Granddad fell out with his mom we're not sure why as he never talked about It. He would always say there's nothing to say so we have no information on the Lockleys. We have heard stories off my granddads mate who has passed since that my grandad would go over the fields to the gypsy ( traveller Site) were not sure if the Lockleys could of been gypsy's or not perhaps my Grandads mom was but who knows...also don't no wether anyone would recall a dog getting killed at the old Hadley rail station... we heard my grandad's Mom's dog ran into a on coming train in Hadley, it was a white Alsatian. I'm struggling to find any information on them if anybody out there could help that be much appreciated I will keep posting untill I have found something. Also I went onto a site which showed pubs in Hadley what are not there no more can't understand why the Green Dragon ain't on there....thanks
From: lockley271 - wells-next-the-sea United Kingdom - Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 13:59:11 (GMT) source IP -
entry edited by admin

Does anybody recall a family called the lockleys they ran the green Dragon pub in Hadley does anybody have any information on them as my grandad never spoke about them we have no information on them what so ever so would be great to hear of anyone with information my grandad was John William lockley he was born in 1929
lockley - norfolk United Kingdom - Friday, November 14, 2014 at 17:27:50 (GMT) source IP -

would love to wander down this memory lane with you, I lived in trench from 1967 to 1970 and attended the Sir John Hunt Secondary School before moving down to Surrey...still have very fond memories of paper deliveries, fields and barns and first love........also Terry Heaths and the mods and the Rolling Stones and The Beatles.....where is Nigel Williams my best mate, I wonder ?
Jonathan Waldren - USA - Sunday, October 05, 2014 at 21:17:02 (IST) source IP -

Hi Keith, what a wonderful and informative journey through the past you have created here.I have come across an old aerial Photo of the area you speak of, the Trench Incline, and I am sure it must show The Old Orchard to which you refer to. If you could let me know if your still running this Page, before I send the Pic and other info. Thanks Gwyn.
Gwyn Hartley
From: Gwyn Hartley - Telford United Kingdom - Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 14:21:06 (IST) source IP -

Love the page and all the photos, my Dad (Harry Jones) lived in Hadley as a boy in Kearton Terrace and I believe his father lived in the High Street. I am trying to research my jones family tree so if anyone remembers the family I would love to hear from you.
Lisa Etheridge (nee Jones)
From: Lisa Etheridge (nee Jones) - Tamworth United Kingdom - Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 10:22:18 (GMT) source IP -

hi I lived in Far Vallens from when the houses were built approx mid 60s until I left home 1977.Since then I have lived in Dawley, Sheffield and now east Northants. Your history of Hadley is excellent, I worked at Sankey's for a few years. All good times.
peter blain
From: peter blain - -

Hi Peter - I used to deliver the daily & Sunday papers to Far Vallens for Pedley's newspagents when you were a tot at home... Keith

Great site. - does anyone remember my old ma in law, Mrs Martin, dinner lady at Hadley Infants.
Terry Gilder - Edgmond, Salop United Kingdom -

I was part of the Shrewsbury contingent which visited Terry Heaths on Sunday nights 1967to1970. And made many friends. Love to try and make contact with anyone.
Terry Shaw - United Kingdom - Source IP:

I was remembering the times of hanging around Wellington with our 'Mod' friends and their record collections. Sunday nights at Terry Heaths...Who was the DJ playing records on the seeburg Sound Juke Box???1967-1970ish..we saw loads of live bans too and at The Tech & Shrewsbury Town Hall... got any info or links to those days...
Jann Gray
From: Jann Gray - Norwich United Kingdom - Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 00:18:20 (UTC) Source IP:

Hi Jann - and the Majestic Ballroom in Wellington - saw Status Quo at Shrewsbury in the days of Pictures Of Matchstick Men and Ice in the Sun ...

Just to let you know I am still here
Kath Parton
From: Kath Parton - - Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 16:49:46 (UTC) Source IP:

Hi my family have lived in the trench from the about 1952/3 I and my brother were born at 4 trench lock just across the road from the barley mow pub .we used to ride the horses in j brookes field I learned to ride my dads motorbike in there to .my mates were Steve lowe .kenny Evans .john majho Norman white and the tripplets Pauline .barbra .sue .
allan hoofe
From: allan hoofe
allanhoofe 39@ google mail - - Thursday, October 04, 2012 at 14:15:11 (UTC) Source IP:

Want 2 find friends from brj 1971
Rosaline Kearney - United Kingdom - Wednesday, October 03, 2012 at 12:25:19 (UTC) Source IP:

Excellent sites good to some decent local history. I am researching family who lived in Hadley park road from early 1900's to 1930,s. Griffiths lived at no 7 and richards at no 5. Evelyn richards attended Hadley school 1926 - 1933. Any contacts or info greatly appreciated.Thanks all.
From: jeff - United Kingdom - Monday, September 24, 2012 at 19:23:15 (UTC) Source IP:

Thank you for putting this site together :)

Dan from
From: Dan - Toronto Canada - Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 00:47:46 (UTC) Source IP:

Loving the site and all the photographs! I'm looking for any information or photographs relating to 1-4 Wrekin Prospect, Taylor Street - now known as 19-25 Manse Road and would be really grateful for anything anyone might be able to tell me!
Laura Doran
From: Laura Doran - Hadley United Kingdom - Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 12:59:10 (UTC) Source IP:

any1 no what mandy davies uo to
paul brown
From: paul brown - Bermuda - Friday, June 17, 2011 at 01:23:05 (UTC) Source IP:

Hi Paul - probably leading the lads up the garden path still ... Keith

does anyone remember peter knight the bookie ?
derrick millward - telford United Kingdom - Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 00:53:04 (UTC) Source IP:

great site my mothers family came from Hadley so the old pictures were of real interest. Her name was Tonks but her mums name was Harris and her brother had a bakery in Hadley i believe. D
denise hardy - sheffield United Kingdom - Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 20:41:48 (UTC) Source IP:

I knew a lad called Danny Tonks - don't know if he was related ... Keith

I was born at 27 high st in 1948. that year my father Cyril Hayward opened the post office.
He was a parish and county councillor for hadley.
he died in 1963 and my mother Joan stood for election and took over my fathers work. She became the first lady chairman of Shropshire County Council from 1989 to 1993 when ill health forced to resign.
I remember in the 1950's people would come to see my dad to try and get one of the new council houses being built on cresent rd and haybridge ave and many years later people would say to me: "I remember your dad he helped us get our first house". All around Hadley are my blue remembered hills mentioned in so many letters. I was train mad and my education suffered as the schools were near railway lines.
I will never forget the sight of the Cambrian Coast Express 12 brown and cream coaches pulled by a king class loco. we would put pennies on the line underneath Hadley Halt. you were so close to the huge steam engine as it went past.
My childhood friend was John Vernon, his dad drove for Clark& Smiths who collected farm milk churns and left empties. John, who lived in Victoria lane, now lives in Otario, Canada. Many letters brought it all back to me, it was a great place to grow up. We were never bored. My Nan Mrs Quinn owned the wool shop next to the Post Office and it was run by Miss Smith for many years.
The new Bye Pass passed the the village and it was never quite the same busy village again and it slowly died. The new town centre drew buisness away also. If we are in the area we stop and look at the old Post Office but it's suffering from years of neglect. Sad but that's progress
john hayward
From: john hayward - sudbury, suffolk United Kingdom - Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 16:08:22 (UTC) Source IP:

Lookin 4chris speed off wombridge road moved about was a fire man.?
Paul brown
From: Paul brown - East Timor - Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 01:07:38 (UTC) Source IP:

Hi Keith, I think I vaguely remember my father talking about Norman Harris. Although we moved from Hadley to Oxford in 1951, my father continued to provide some financial service to Somerfelds for many years. I know that he visited the Shalsha's every year for at least the next 10 years . So its highly probable that he would have known your father very well. I believe that they all used to play chess together but Mr Shalsha was a genius!

I seem to remeber my father (Joe Lewis) saying that Mr Shalsha was the inventor of a metal product called "slotted angle" and also the "Snow Cat" an Artic exploration vehicle but that he didn't protect his inventions with the right patents and they were all exploited by others. As a consequence I believe Somerfelds eventually went bankrupt. It would be interesting to know what your Dad had to say about it.

Another thing I recollect was when I was about 10 years old. there was a crisis at the Shalsha's I think one of their children ( Peter or Michael) was drowned in a river or possibly the canal or swamps that you refer to as "Ochre".

Somehow I don't think I'll ever get through the eye of the needle atop the Wrekin so I'll never be a real Salopian but thanks to you I do know that the address on my birth certifcate does exist and is in Shropshire!

Thanks for all the info and a very interesting site,

rgds chris
From: Chris - santa barbara United States - Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 03:55:37 (UTC) Source IP:

By the way dont believe google.i went to brj in wellington
Paul brown
From: Paul brown - Afghanistan - Monday, August 09, 2010 at 02:38:39 (UTC) Source IP:

Hi was nearer hadley close to motor auction mr podmore still headmaster at teagues bridge
Paul brown
From: Paul brown - United Kingdom - Monday, August 09, 2010 at 02:29:01 (UTC) Source IP:

Ref :- can any1 shed any light on the house that ran half way down between wombridge church and old timber shed/buildin derelict we fooled about in around 1973 was close 2 car auctions.

Hi Paul - Can you give me a more precise location? Was it near the railway embankment or down on the Hadley road?
From: meridan - United Kingdom - Saturday, August 07, 2010 at 19:40:05 (UTC) Source IP:

I havent heard from you in a while - what has been going on??
My parents were Donald and Louie Heenan - I lived at 4 Castle Street. Many fond memories of Hadley

Jill Wilson
From: Jill Wilson - Lubbock United States - Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 21:49:34 (UTC) Source IP:

can any1 shed any light on the house that ran half way down between wombridge church and old timber shed/buildin derelict we fooled about in around 1973 was close 2 car auctions
Paul brown
From: Paul brown - - Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 02:39:00 (UTC) Source IP:

Does nigel frairy still have his bike club.was i the only1 who bought bay city rollers scarfs off tho atkinsons mom
Paul brown
From: Paul brown - - Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 02:25:49 (UTC) Source IP:

I was born at 147 wombridge rd.cris speed over the rd.brian stanley next door shepherd next door.the hardys up the road.tim atkinson (mom just jakie )over rd just up from nigel frairy.does les the barber still trim 1side of ur head higher than the the post office sortin depot still there where us kids used 2 climb in and ride the bikes.
Paul brown
From: Paul brown - Canada - Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 02:02:05 (UTC) Source IP:

Hello, I teach Year 5 at Hadley Learning Community. We will be doing a whole school topic on local history in September so I found your website fascinating. Is there any chance you could visit the school to talk to the children about Hadley history? Thanks, Frankie Jones
Frankie Jones
From: Frankie Jones - Telford United Kingdom - Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 20:04:26 (UTC) Source IP:

My Birth certifcate says that my Father was living at 1 The Old Orchard, Trench Rd, Hadley, at the time of my birth in 1948.

I believe that he was a cost accountant at Somerfelds.

Does this make me a Salopian?
chris lewis
From: chris lewis - santa barbara United States - Monday, May 10, 2010 at 21:39:59 (UTC) Source IP:

Chris, as you know, 'true' Salopians must pass through the needle's eye atop the Wrekin .... but we shared the same house, I too lived at No 1 from 1951-55. And I think I remember your father, Mr Lewis, who was friends with my own father, Norman Harris. Keith

My grandfather was born in Hadley 13/8/1895 one James Alexis Jones. Looking for family information. Lived near high Street- street name ending in berry.
From: Helen - Sydney Australia - Monday, May 10, 2010 at 13:17:17 (UTC) Source IP:

I was born in Hadley 1956 at 26 crescent rd, attended Hadley infants and junior school 1959 to 1967 onward to Hadley Secondary Modern until 1971 grandfather and father worked at Sankeys. Amazing pictures thank you.
Tricia Appleton
From: Tricia Appleton - United Kingdom - Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 09:14:23 (UTC) Source IP:

Very nice website. I just stumbled upon it while looking up cities with my last name. I really loved looking at the pictures.
B Hadley - USA - Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 21:11:31 (UTC) Source IP:

Some great photos of Hadley. I come from a long line of Hadley folk, Smiths and Partons, and it's great to see what they saw many moons ago.
Keep up the great work, much appreciated.
Graham - - Friday, September 04, 2009 at 15:00:16 (UTC) Source IP:

still looking for heenans
dale heenan
From: dale heenan - regina Canada - Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 21:56:15 (UTC) Source IP:

Lived and grew up on Wombridge rd, Trench 60's thru mid 70's. Attended John Hunt Secondary School. Fished the trench and middle pools. Rode old motorcycles over the old slagheaps and old railway line past the valley pool. Rode my newer then, Yamaha to sixth form college in Wellington via Hadley. Remember going swimming at the Hadley swimming pool during summer breaks ... Left for Canada in the mid 70's. Pictures on your site bring back lot's of memories. Cheers!
David Perry
From: David Perry - Ottawa Canada - Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 17:59:48 (UTC) Source IP:

Is this Hadley near Droitwich (M5)? I go fishing in this area and always found its people both helpful and pleasant. Like the old photos
From: robbie - liverpool United Kingdom - Monday, June 01, 2009 at 10:41:31 (UTC) Source IP:

Robbie - this is Hadley, Telford - about 50 miles north west of Droitwich

interesting to see some of the places I grew up amongst, keep up the good work.
- - - [10/11/08 19:43:11 UTC] Source IP:

Hi. Anyone who uses the path called Cycle Route 81 will now that when there is even moderate rain, black oil flows from the field at the side of it. Nobody seems to know why that land is polluted with oil. Some people speculate that it is due to an old storage facility on the site.

Is that possible? Does anyone know where the oil comes from? What was on the field in the past 100 years? Anyone know? Please email me.
From: Martin - Wellington United Kingdom - Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 10:33:08 (UTC) Source IP:
I love the site, I lived in Watery Lane during my early boyhood years in the 1930s and have a few old photos of the terrace, and lots of memories of the residents including the Minors.
norman lewis
From: norman lewis - - Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 15:49:08 (UTC) Source IP:

owd bist me owd cock as my grandad use to say excuse spelling.
Always thought the middle pool was brilliant roach,perch,pike and I usually fell in to boot, I just loved growing up and exploring amongst those slag heaps.Enjoy your site good work.
John Astbury
From: John Astbury - Perth Australia - Friday, June 06, 2008 at 05:54:03 (UTC) Source IP:

Paradise Lost,
Derek ‘Gash’ Gambie, Hadley lad, vintage 230742.

I got onto the ‘Trip to Trench’ bit first and immediately wrote my recollections of it. However now that I have visited your CV site I need to do a bit of modifying.
First, I have some good news for you, I’ve seen your paradise muddle, it’s not a dream it is real. I went to Norman Pedley and told him I was 13 when I was only 12. He had a vacancy for a paper boy down the Trench. Towards the end of my first morning I delivered papers at the rather run down Prospect Terrace, then, went through the arch to the first house of Forge Row. I like Victorian architecture but on that wet morning in 1954 it was a dreadful place. The view from the front window was an acre and a half of tangled rusting wire and scrap metal lying on earth that was a mixture of black soil and brown crumbling patches that was nature taking iron back to its roots of ferrous oxide. I pedalled away from that poor area rather faster than I had arrived and a few minutes later I turned under the arch of The Stables and set eyes on the white house for the first time with my mouth wide open. I can see clearly why you thought the area was paradise, it was quite a long way removed from Forge Row. The house was like something out of a Poirot film but it was the colour that startled me as I had never seen a bright white house before and it looked totally out of place. Age plays tricks on your memory but I thought it had a flat roof. Am I right or am I wrong? I delivered a paper to one house to the left of the arch and to the white house which I knew belonged to a family called Schalsha. I believe I knew Michael, I think he was at my school, Hadley County Boys and he may even have been in my class as I have a photograph of the class with what I think is his smiling face right in the middle of the front row. I have a group photo of the 1st Hadley Scouts taken at a ‘bangers and mash’ party and think he is on that one too. Again, I have to say I am not sure as I heard this in a pub, he was drowned off the Welsh coast before reaching his teens. Is that true? There is also a boy called Ron Harris on the photo, I thought he came from the Stables, was he your older brother? If so then your parents are also on the photo. We played a game of cricket in the school yard one day and he bowled some unplayable balls at me. I am no cricketer but I was annoyed at this so stepped forward at the next ball and hit it clean over the railway line into the yard of Bircher’s garage. The teacher, Mr Phillips, declared this as six and out adding further to my irritation.
After I left The Stables I delivered to one of the red brick semis next to the main road where Barry Rickus lived. He was in the same class as me. Then I went through the gates to the posh house that you call The New Orchard, I had never seen anything like this either, you really were a lucky lad. I did not deliver to the main house but to an upstairs flat to the left of the house above what I assumed had been the stable block. Then I carried on through to the back where there was a single story chalet type building that I now assume had once been the summerhouse and this was my last delivery of the day. In years gone by this would have had a nice outlook but now it looked out to the drying up canal which, on the right bank, was lined by factory windows, half of which were smashed.
From your CV you are about 7 or 8 years younger than me so, as a child, this is a huge gap and you may not know the following names. Barry Poole was the four foot six middle son of the proprietor of the Esso garage near you and he had one leg 3” longer than the other. There was a sign on the workshop door that read, ‘the man who lends tools here has left’. There were identical female twins living next to the shop opposite Prospect Terrace the same age as me, also the Broome family lived next to the pub at the start of your lane. Over what I always regarded as the border line between Hadley and Trench, the lock, lived Peter Barclay, in my class, a tough guy, nearly as tough as me. John Leek, whose mother worked at the Regal Cinema in the ticket booth and a guy called Vincent whose surname I forget.
I loved my childhood in Hadley, born Manse Road and wrote about 30 short stories about it which the local newspapers have very kindly published over the last few years. I’ve also written a couple of novels based in and around the area but nobody wants to even read the synopsis never mind become my agent. I was very much a ‘Just William’ character. I have been down every street, road, lane and footpath in Hadley and up every apple tree. Watery Lane was my best bit of paradise and I have wonderful memories of roaming along its hedgerows with my best mate Ben (Cliff Bennett who is still my best mate). My favourite walk was to turn left when you reached the stream and follow it right up to the tunnel under the railway line. I saw a Kingfisher there once but doubt if he stayed as I never saw any fish. I was a total failure as a fisherman in the Trench pool, I swam and nearly drowned in the Valley pool with Ben and was warned off from going anywhere near the middle pool. Did you find the tunnel under the incline?
The top of Blackies Lane near the railway line was another favourite spot and I would sit in the shade of an oak tree and watch the tops of the corn stems swaying in the breeze. I have no idea why Hadley and the surrounding green fields were chosen to be constantly raped and pillaged by the soulless men in black suits so best hold on to your dreams and seek out your new paradise and wide open spaces elsewhere.
I have found mine, I have my spacious house which I have called ‘Nutwood’ (because in my dreams I am living next door to Rupert Bear) and I am surrounded by acres and acres of open unfenced countryside and forests. I even have my three lakes which are my Trench, Middle and Valley pools. I have my Watery Lane and Blackies Lane and there is even a town nearby that could double as Bridgnorth. It’s 800 miles due south of Hadley and they talk funny but one thing is for sure. They will never build a 17 storey tower block in my village or raze to the ground the small medieval chateau.
I have retired now so, yes, I am not putting much back into society, apart from the money I am putting into the local economy buying loads of building materials to modernise and expand my house. But I think I did my bit in days gone by. Nowhere near as many different jobs as you but I did manage 10.
Like you I went to the Walker Tech, first as a full time student at Oakengates and then on day release for 6 years getting City & Guilds, and an ONC both in mechanical engineering at Bennetts Bank. Served my apprenticeship at Audley Eng Newport and became a fitter / machinist. (mainly lathe and miller like yourself)
I’m also a founder member of the Shrewsbury & Newport Canals Trust which has the intention of reopening the line from Norbury junction to Shrewsbury. There are also hopes that some of the route back up towards Trench can be reopened but alas we will never see the Trench lock again.
I’m not going to put you down and I hope you will not begrudge me my current relaxed lifestyle. I wish you good luck and happiness. Keep looking for that soul mate, my aunt did not marry till she was 58!
‘ Gash’ Gambie, Dordogne, SW France. Thursday, 17 January, 2008

I was waiting at Bergerac airport to pick up my sister a couple of years ago when a man came up to me and asked if he had just heard a Wellington accent? His name was John Smith and he was born on the Trench side of the lock and went to the John Hunt school. He was about 10 years younger than me so quite close to your age and left home to join the marines when he was just 16 and moved to France about 20 years ago. So now you know there are at least two men from Hadley / Trench who have found a new paradise.

I lived in Hadley in the late 50's early 60's is King Kong still showing at the cinema?
Ken Podmore
From: Ken Podmore Wake Forest United States - Monday, July 02, 2007 at 20:38:35 (UTC) Source IP:

Ha ha, is Norman Pedley still delivering the papers?

I was born and brought up within 100 yards of Trench Lock. I'm pretty sure I can remember Keith Harris and can remember Vivienne Schalsha being at Wellington High School. I knew the area around Trench Lock well - I think the Orchard was known locally as the 'Jews'! - it was all a bit mysterious. Have memories of people swimming in the Valley pool during hot spells. Walking up past the Middle pool to Oakengates when the Gypsies were camped on waste land - real Gypos with horses and caravans and men with earings! Some local names - the Broomes, Emlyns, Crawleys, Fletchers. I think grandfather Morgan lived at the old Lock cottage and kept pigs there.
The Barley Mow pub, with Horace Bailey as landlord. The Blue Pig which became the Shropshire Arms for a time. Amazing how much of your childhood remains in your memory and how long it seemed to last. Time seems to accelerate as you get older unfortunately.
Ian J
From: Ian J
Derby United Kingdom - Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 14:54:16 (UTC) Source IP:

Love looking at your web site, I lived in Summer House Drive in Hadley from 1961 to 1966 and attended Hadley infants school, would love to hear from anyone in that area at that time
Cheryl Thomas
From: Cheryl Thomas Swansea United Kingdom - Saturday, January 06, 2007 at 11:15:40 (UTC) Source IP:

ok me again after seeing some peoples memories i felt that i had to return to pass on mine
my family moved to gladstone street from north road wellington i went to the old school in hadley park road i recall the milk in the morning and the loo which was a stone building in the corner of the yard all it consisted of was a concrete sping fr with a small trough running along the wall the floor got really slippy and yes you guessed it i did manage to slip and side phew !! i can still smell it now, as we got older and into the bigger class we were allowed to play on the grass field with the airraid shelter in it but you would get told off if you ventured on to it and boy was it nice when the tractor mower used to come and cut the grass another smell that i shall never forget, one game which we used to play in the playground was with flattend milk bottle tops which we would flick towards the wall and boy you were someone if you managed to get hold of the green tops or red tops, i remember when the water would flood under the railway bridge outside the school, as kids we would climb over the fence at the motorway tyre place or "the normea" as we called it we would place amongst the vast number of old tyres etc, i recall when we got hold of some cows eyes from the abatoir next to the tyre place and we went over the road to the waste land area between hadley hollow road and church street opposite the bush pub and we had a game of throwing them at each other, i remember the barbers with the small airraid shelter behind it, george masons, and the hardware shop then there was the chemist, a gap for the car park and then the co op and woodfine shoe shop, opposite was the post office and the wool shop next to that was Mr Evans fruit shop a shop with a wonderfull aroma, a little further down the road was the betting shop and the cobblers before getting to the shopping complex of the stars newsagent, the off license and the launderette and the thifty then there was the garage and finally on the corner was kings furniture shop, we would take our bikes over to the banks the piece of land above far vallens here we would also catch fish and newts and take home frog spawn which we found in the various pools up there, sitting and watching the trains pull up at hadley halt, sunday mornings would be spent playing football behind one of the nets when a sunday league match would be taking part and getting a telling off from the goalie wwhen our ball went on to the pitch, time spent in the gym playing soccer and table tennis having a game of golf on the pitch and putt, summers meant being able to get sweets and ice creams from the small shop which opend on the rec, the coldness of the open air swimming pool and the fountain outside by the padling pool, i remember when the big black gates would be locked at the rec and when we got in trying to hide from dave who was the caretaker and lived in the house up by the pavillion also "john inch" ??? he also worked there with his speech inpediment but such a nice man, when blackies lane was lined with trees and when we moved on to the secondary school and they reclaimed the land next to the railway line for football pitches and when punished we would be sent up there to pick stones from the pitch and there would be loads and loads, well i will leave my ramblings there for now but i have so many good memories of places and people that i could share but would like to finish with this,
hadley was a great place to grow up from small child to young adult it was a safe place a place where people knew everybody and people had respect it was clean and i am glad that i did my growing up there looking back at my life i loved it and would not have changed a single thing.
paul hamer
From: paul hamer
wales United Kingdom - Friday, May 19, 2006 at 19:47:36 (UTC) Source IP:

Nice one Paul! What a great and enthralling collection of memories and I for one recall John Inch! It must have beena good few pints or there was ib=ce cream in your keyboard Paul — I managed to right many of your typos for the sake of readers but am flummoxed at knowing just what the concrete sping fr in the school toilets might have been - do you mean a concrete “something” floor ? And yes, I recall that place too!
Many thanks for the memories!

Hi, Nice!

Washington NA africa - Sunday, April 09, 2006 at 23:38:39 (UTC) Source IP:

Many thanks for taking me back to a very happy childhood. Although a Donnington boy I remember the area so well. I worked for Oakworths at the site on the St Georges road. Ketley Bank my first true love Denise Dean she dumped me after two years when I went for a job interview at London. Gower St youth club The June room Terry Heaths Town House. Telford destroyed years of happy memories. Its many years since I lived there because I joined the Police and served locally and in South Wales then on to London before ill health forced early retirement and a move to Carlisle. Reading your excellent piece just reminded me of happier times the Wrekin Lilleshall monument the Red Lion pub just to many things to bore people with but thanks again for a great trip down memory lane. David.
From: David Jenkins
David Jenkins

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 at 20:33:23 (UTC) Source IP:

Who else remembers Oakworths on St George's Road - and the car showroom/garage on the opposite side? Was there not also a caravan showroom in the area too? Again, if you have photographs, do send them in and I will happily build a section devoted to the area on this website! The Lilleshall monument still bears my scratched initials in the baserock on which it stands! And who recalls the monk's escape tunnel which before it was filled in emerged on Lilleshall Hill all the way from Lilleshall Abbey?

Loved reading your memories of Hadley, was before my time but who doesn't like getting to know their village. I am struggling to work out exactly where valley pool was, also do you know or have any photos of what the area west of Blockleys as I would love to know what that area (Near Vallens, Far Vallens and Pool Meadow) looked like before development in the sixties.
Thanks anyhow for a great read
From: Warren Randall
Warren Randall

Hadley, Salop uk - Saturday, April 01, 2006 at 17:23:51 (UTC) Source IP:

Far Vallens, Near Vallens & Pool Meadow, right old Hadleyite names they be. They were just rolling fields, an extension to Hadley Hollow. Then one day in the late 50s, probably very early 60s, marker sticks appeared laying out new motorway sections for the first beginnings to Telford New Town. Pool Meadow, which now has a housing esate, was so named because it did actually have a pool, theough it had shrunk to puddle size by the time the redevelopment began. Sadly no, I don't have any pics, although my paper round for Pedley’s covered the whole of those areas in the early 60s. If any readers have any pics of the above areas that Warren refers to, please send them in and I will glady publish them on my Shropshire pages.

While searching the internet about Boreatton Park School as i remembered it, i came across a piece written about it. By someone who once attended there. Sorry there was no name, from
It was between the yrs of 71' 72' 73 when i first visited there for a weeks camping trip with my junior school....
Funny story, we were told by the teachers to set our tents up, i was so eager as i recall, it was my first time away from home and i loved it.
It was one summers day, and this lad from the school asked if i needed some help i told him 'No'. He was so handsome with dark hair, he could have been a couple of yrs older, but i remembered what my mother said before i left that morning 'Dont play with boys'.
Anyway i pitched my tent up, and got inside. This boy appeared at the opening of my tent and i swung a carrier bag at him, which contained one of those white enamel mugs, it hit him on the head. He only bought somthing to me which i'd left outside. I thought i'd bought everything in.
I apologised and he left, sayin that if he could he would come see me the nxt day, he did.
As the week progressed i had a wonderful time, he wasnt allowed on the camping site that much, but when i did see him i was the happiest girl ever.
As i remember there used to be a swimming pool in a big building, across from where we were. One of the teachers took us over there to use the pool. As i got in i clung to the side for fear of sinking. A moment later i was under the water, not knowing what was happning, i suddenly gasped for air. There was alot of screaming and shouting, someone was pulling me out of the pool, it was him... I was so embaressed.
He asked if i was ok, then one one the teachers told him to move away.
The next day, we were leaving. I was so sad.
I pack up as slowly as i could, looking! waiting! no sign. I remember asking someone to give him my address so we could stay in touch.
Everyone was told to get on the coach, i cried, i didnt want to go home without seeing him again.
As the coach drove away, i thought i saw him, but wasnt sure.
30 yrs on, i still think of that handsome boy who caught my attention.
Would anyone know the wherabouts ?? If you're out there Paul Thacker ??
Please get in touch, you have never left my thoughts. xx
From: Anna

uk - Thursday, February 02, 2006 at 10:38:08 (UTC) Source IP:

Hope you find him Anna - let us all know if you do!

moved to hadley from wellington in 1966 untill 1977 it was a great place to grow up in. i have so many memories of happy times.
From: paul hamer
paul hamer

- Saturday, October 08, 2005 at 19:29:57 (UTC) Source IP:

Greetings from All Friends Round The Wrekin.
An excellent website. Hurrah for Hadley.
From: George Evans
George Evans

Wellington uk - Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 20:26:11 (UTC) Source IP:

From: Geoff Kelly
Geoff Kelly

MANDURAH WA australia - Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 13:35:51 (UTC) Source IP:

Hello from China on a warm, quiet evening before the May holiday. Found the site by accident and listened to two songs. Guitar playing is just nice and easy on the ears.
From: Garreth Byrne
Garreth Byrne

Weifang china - Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 15:18:20 (UTC) Source IP:

Have just found this site, it's brought back many memories as I was born in New Hadley,went to Hadley School and lived in the village until 1974 when a compulsory purchase order was placed on our home and we moved to Wellington. I remember Hennan's well and also Louie Barber who married Donald Heenan and with whom I played with as a child - would love to get in touchwith Jill if she is Louie's daughter. Can you remember anything of Leegomery Mill and Keith - do you remember Walker's shop who sold home made treacle toffee.

Kath Parton.
From: Kath Parton
Kath Parton

uk - Saturday, April 16, 2005 at 16:36:54 (UTC) Source IP:

A wonderful album of pictures of Old Hadley. Thank you!
Pat SmartEmail:
Telford uk - Tuesday, February 15, 2005 at 16:08:30 (UTC) Source IP:

Greetings from Canada. this is a cool site, and outright hilarious in some respects. And I found out I was born on a tuesday. :) That day will never be the same to me again.
Email: <sosososo@oos.sos>
Toronto, Ont canada - Wednesday, November 03, 2004 at 08:02:03 (UTC)

More stuff to sign & git known by !

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