Homosexuality differs from being “gay” in that it involves a preference for the same sex. And the derisory and derogatory terms abound – faggot, bent, fairy – mostly applied by the ignorant. That ignorance can also have its malicious streak.

There are two kinds of homosexual — the genetically maladjusted, who fantasise to the extreme about being the opposite sex; and the failed lover. Both may have a motive root in their overall upbringing, but more of that and also on the repercussions of failed love later.ì

The term homosexual is used here to designate men or women who have intimate sexual relations with a member of the same sex.

The term also implies an adult and wilful decision to participate in such relations and is not used to designate those who would experiment on a first time basis, nor is it used to designate persons of either sex who may be bullied into submitting to homosexual experiences. More of that later too.   CONTINUE

 Homosexuality – gay, or unhappy abandon?   

Its strange how paranoid some folk get whenever the subject of being gay seems in danger of coming up. It is also strange how us humans can be so fearful and socially reticent about something as simple as the subject of sex.

The homosexual probably ranks among the most pilloried and marginalised members of modern society despite the prevalence of the so-called freedoms of the ‘enlightened age’.

must be fully considered before any meaningful understanding of individual traits can coalesce.

Motive roots

Any attempt at understanding the homosexual without the benefit of a detailed examination of past experience is shallow and imprecise and leads only to superficial labelling.

There is a vital difference between someone who is considered 'gay', or bisexual and someone who is homosexual.

Homosexuality is being preferentially attracted to those of the same sex, whereas being 'gay' or 'bi' is to engage in sexual activities with those of either sex.

Then there was the 42-year-old woman who used to try telling me how she could recognise gay men because of their 'weak jaw line'.  ì

A sad pile of codswallop, it has to be said. Anyway, I could never take this revelation of hers at all seriously as when I met the woman she was herself one of the most inhibited females I had encountered to that date. It took me a long time to get her to simply enjoy sexual experiences and even then she was always feeling guilty. She ended up with a 'nice man', as she put it and hopefully she found happiness, though somehow I can't bet on it.

The existence of 'gay' lovers is a profound statement about the world we have created. Being gay is little more than a cry or craving for the basic human attentions and affections that most people take for granted. And like they say, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Given such cries, the question arises as to why such isolation exists to begin. What extreme of isolation spurs the crossing of the barriers of accepted 'normality'?   CONTINUE

Such musing will find few sensible conclusions looked at through the straitjacket of the status quo. The Victorian explorer who discovered a 'lost' Hindu temple in India and then proceeded to vilify the Hindu religion as 'debased' and having inferior moral values to his own Victorian upbringing did little more than reveal the absurdity of ignorant prejudice.

Sure the temple was completely adorned with images of men and women in all positions of lovemaking. It was what these ancient people believed in, what their history had led them to pursue.

But reverting to the theme of this article. Being gay means just that—and gay means lively; bright, colourful; playful, merry; pleasure-loving, dissipated. You could also say it means being happy. And how many people are happy? How many are looking forwards to happiness arriving tomorrow and spending today in the glumdocks instead of simply being happy with what they have at the time? Dreams can always remain, no matter the state of today.

And one thing is for sure. Men and women enjoying themselves in a loving sexual manner are far less dangerous and stupid than the armed crusader out to crush any kind of belief that exists beyond a self-held blinkered vision.

And if you have read so far and wonder where this might be going, well, the Gay label is nothing more nor nothing less than a recognition of a certain state of mind at a certain point in time.

Because after all, no matter which way you cut it, isn’t life all about trying to have fun in a world of give and take?


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This essay deals with three essentials:
  * The genetically maladjusted;
  * Failed lovers;
  * Motive roots,
looks at each individually and also attempts to explore the effect of motive roots on both.

The Genetically Maladjusted

Such individuals are in constant turmoil and confusion as long as they feel trapped within a body of the ‘wrong sex’.

They also remain caught in the confusion of their personal sexuality, despite their proclamations. The great majority are ‘closet cases’ who lack a trusted confidant and who therefore deal with their situation in a feeling of some isolation.

In the case of those with homosexual tendencies associated with genetic maladjustment, the individual formative backgrounds are an important element to understanding, by the individual concerned as well as by others with an interest. ì

The homosexual in general is constantly challenged by the potential to be an unwillingly dangerous animal within the status quo as the bounds of conceptually accepted standards have already been crossed.

Failed lovers

A failed lover is someone who feels cheated by the demise of a relationship and cheated in life as a result. Lack of support particularly after a bitter collapse of a relationship can leave the individual particularly vulnerable to self-doubt. It is easy to use the words 'be strong' from the vantage of relative stability. The reality for an isolated individual can be far different.

Homosexuality is an end product and not a born trait. This is an important aspect in a world of persecution in which the concept of homosexuality is itself a target of much ridicule.

The negative repercussions of a broken relationship can be powerfully destructive and CONTINUE