What is this thing love, which most seem itself to fear more than its absence?
Eric Young

The Limp(id) Sexual Revolution
article by Börhd Hooligan

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When love is absent — article
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Love: noun fondness; charity; an affection for something that gives pleasure; strong liking; devoted attachment to another person; sexual attachment; a love affair; the object of affection; a term of address indicating endearment or affection (often spelled luv to represent dialect or colloquial use); the god of love, Cupid, Eros, etc (mythology); a kindness, a favour done (Shakespeare); the mere pleasure of playing, without stakes; in some games, no score.
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LOVE, NOT LOATHING...& happiness ... ?
One thing every man and woman on this planet wants is to go to bed and enjoy nice things. That is without exception. Any person who says otherwise of themself is either lying or ignorant of such things.

Love & the Search for the Ultimate Orgasm

Surely it must be the most misunderstood, misused, misconstrued and misapplied and mis-everything else word in use. One thing for sure is that our materialism-based societies teach us next to nothing valuable in the arts of love and love making.

We are all in search of the ultimate orgasm. What puts a bloody big spanner into the works is thinking and pretending that we’re not. Things get kind of warped that way.

Such self-denial is staunchly supported by those who suffer from it by the use of dozens of different explanations: it’s the way of the Church; the way of the bible; anything else is ‘unclean’ or immoral and so on and so on. They are happy to so euphemise their true feelings as it is less morally embarrassing to them.

The upshot of self-denial is to live in a time space of constant frustration where the energy of that frustration is deliberately redirected to other diversionary avenues.

Those who practice sexual abstinence on grounds of religious persuasion do so in the belief that it will make them into a better person. The goal is more invisibly egocentric than they readily acknowledge. Such people are searching for superiority to others. It is a confused mêlée of a mindset.

Our world is a place permeated with paranoia and fear twisting and winding around the sun rays of love. We fear the very things we desire then we deny the recognition of our own fear. It doesn’t have to be like that—and time is short.

The essential element to any rewarding life is being able to openly rejoice in simple pleasures—and to be able to recognise being able to give to another that very same thrill that we relish and seek ourself.

The element of our fear is itself a puzzle. We have educated ourselves into our own fear, instilled our lives with its poison. We get angry at others when we are unable to understand and cope with the differences between us. The stuff of that divide is the stuff of ourselves.

Sex is the great healer—life’s equaliser. Without it we just wouldn’t be here. It goes hand in hand with survival and everything else in life is simply secondary. But we humans have exacted the science of building false pedestals from which we gloat in smug superiority whilst trembling inside at the fragility of that very superiority.

So what then is love? Is it the giving of yourself to someone in return for what they may provide for you in a material way? Surely someone so doing is comparable to the biblical Great Whore of Babylon? Don’t be confused by the West’s self-idolating translations of the Bible. There is a phrase in the Bible referring to the “keepers of the temple”, often translated to refer to actual persons fulfilling certain roles. But look again — surely the temple is also the human body, the vessel of the soul? And who are the keepers, if not the hands?

But to return— is love the act of giving of yourself to someone because of who and what you see in that person regardless of their material wealth or poverty?

And what is this state of mind called happiness? To begin, is it dependent upon our environment? Is it an emotion that is itself dependent upon environmental factors?

To examine this in greater depth, let us look at the question of whether a child growing up on the Gaza strip might have a different evaluation of happiness than a child growing up in a more peaceful and settled part of the world.

To the child on the Gaza strip, happiness might be a state free of conflict, free of tension, a state whereby the child can expect to enjoy the simple things of life free of fear.

The absence of similar fear may consitute a different understanding of happiness. Without fear, simple things can be taken for granted and indeed can assume less, even non-important status. The perceived goalposts of happiness may dramatically change.

Discovering happiness in a particular situation or commodity will happen. Where that commodity is transitory the identification with it and with the associated feelings of happiness can fade. Likewise, happiness can also fade with the simple experience of the situation that produced it, or with familiarity.

We can spend a lifetime searching for the illusive thing called happiness, or we can spend a lifetime trying to understand what leads to happiness. The purpose of this page is to provide some desktop shortcuts to the understanding of happiness.


Sex should be the most vital part of any couple’s lives. Never put it aside easily for anything less serious than a matter of life or death.

Sex is not about being big, about making an impression, about being smart, about being clever; yet it is all of these things in correct measure. It is about procreation. And it is about the taking and giving of self-enjoyment.

It was refreshing if perhaps a little passé to see the young woman filmed by news teams as she took part in an antiwar march in Washington with the words "fuck don’t fight" emblazoned across her stomach.

Despite what anyone may say to the contrary, being alive is all about being alive and being alive is a constant sexual experience for every human being. To ignore this elemental fact either wilfully, inadvertently or through ignorance is to invite frustration and anxiety, plus anger and unhappiness into daily life.

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The ability to benefit from this service resides primarily with yourself. We all have all the answers — its up to us how we benefit by them.

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