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Into the 21s Century
  Are we sliding headlong down an accelerating curve of social
  madness and state sanctioned discrimination and prejudice?

Borhd Hooligan writes
The Weary Web Traveller
Hypocrisy, Hatred and the war on Terror
An encounter with the UK government's D-Notice
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When Flesh & Blood are forgotten by Ramadan Akin
The world at war
War by Television a backward view?- by Noel Yotslot
Terrorism is there any answer?
money laundering scams - confirm details here

 Arnold Schwarzenegger denies beach bully rumour
Ireland perfects brutunschweier clogomitis antidote
Limerick man first reported victim of brutunschweier clogomitis beetle
crop circles - the secret revealed
Ireland’s grollybelium tank uncovered
The Clonakilty cloning farm
Ranns invasion - latest details
Rare Tasmanian flea reported in Ireland
Knoxborough Hall — police stiill no closer to locating stolen stately home
Gorilla terrifies Limerick security guard
SWAPPA takes to the skies Hailed as Irish blueprint for future aircraft
Evidence emerges from the ice on human evolution exclusive
300 million year old Yeti unearthed in Ireland
Maggot colony disrupts airport flight schedule
News – is it worth it? – special report

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